Playing Pocket Jacks

Playing pocket jacks is probably one of the most difficult things to do properly in all of Texas Hold?em. In fact, many pros say that there is no right way to play jacks. Jacks are hard to play because it is a large pocket pair but there are enough over cards that it can be problematic. Playing jacks preflop really depends on your position. Putting in a small raise in an early position is a good way to play the jacks and you can still call a reraise from a late position if you have good odds or fold if you get more than one reraise. In late position, I like to play the jacks aggressively and push out as many people as possible because the hand is much less appealing after the flop most of the time. Unlike bigger pocket pairs, you have to worry about ace king and queen as over-cards and most hands that will call your raise will likely have a combination of those cards.