Paypoint Online Casinos

PayPoint is a payment method that can only be used in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. One of the advantages of using PayPoint is that it is very convenient because it allows customers to purchase for various goods and services. This payment method is available in more than twenty two thousand locations Ireland and the UK.

Not only is PayPoint free to join but it's cost effective. It's primarily used by mobile phones networks, utility companies and local authorities. The ease of use of PayPoint services means that you can pay your regular bills, deposit funds into a casino account, charge meters and recharge mobile phones at your own convenience.

PayPoint outlets are commonly found in convenience stores, newsagents, supermarkets, garages and many more. Most of these outlets are open for twenty four hours of the day. When it comes to online casinos PayPoint is referred to as Ukash.

How PayPoint Works

It is very easy to use PayPoint to pay your bills. The customers have to get to any of the 22,000 outlets, pay the bill and then get their receipt. There are different payment options at these outlets all you have to do is inform the retailer about the specific payment option.

When dealing with an online casino account, the player will have to get a Ukash card from the PayPoint outlet. The Ukash that you received from the PayPoint outlet can be exchanged for real money without the need to reveal your financial information. If the casino accepts Ukash or PayPoint then you can spend it on the online casino. You don't need a debit or credit card to fund your online account with Ukash.

Pros and Cons

PayPoint offers a very secure, convenient, safe, accessible and simple way to pay your bills. One of the fastest ways to make a monetary transaction on the internet is through Ukash.

The downside is that this payment method is only available in the UK.