Video Poker Variations

Like many other online casino games there are multiple interesting and fun video poker variations. Whether a player prefers traditional five card stud or wants wild cards thrown in the mix, these video poker variations are sure to give players hours of fun. And even better you can get a free bonus from online casinos to try them for real money, without requiring to use your credit card. Just follow the link and choose where you wanna play!

Minimum Win Hands

Some of the most popular video poker variations include the classic games of Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Jacks or Better is a simple twist on the traditional poker game; players win whenever they get a pair of Jacks or any higher hand. A pair of Jacks will pay out even money, so the player gets his or her bet back. Anything higher will win more. Also in this vein are the games Tens or Bette in which players win even money with a pair of tens, and Aces & Faces which rewards hands with face cards. Experience both games by playing video poker.

Wild Cards

Other fun video poker variations involve the introduction of wild cards. Depending on the unique game, any of the cards in a deck can be wild. That means that whenever that particular card appears in the player's hand, it automatically gets reassigned the most advantageous value. In Deuces Wild, all twos are wild. So a hand with two Kings and a two would be counted as having three Kings; four natural Kings would be upgraded to five with a two in the mix.

With so many options, players are bound to find a game that suits their needs. These games and more can be found wherever online casino slots are found.